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Big Bang Art Post - Suburban Cape Cod Blues

Along with gigglingkat(her art is here), I did art for sophie_448's fic Suburban Cape Cod Blues

Note: I redid the art for this story about 4 times. I'd make something and then decide that I hated it and start again(this went on right up until the wire). So I didn't come up with one particular theme for it all. It's kind of all over the place.

Having said that, I wanted the main components to match(I hate when things don't match)

In most cases, click to enlarge


Soundtrack Cover:

Promos for Jensen's appearance at this year's CMA Music Festival(the awkward grammar is all them)
This is all stuff that was made for whatever reason(playing around, parts of bigger pieces that weren't used, etc) but aren't really part of the official art.

Unfinished Soundtrack cover & Matching icon
More stuff from Jensen's career
Random tour poster

Some cds

CMA pass

Those horrible self taken portraits crack me up(I have several of them in frames around my room) so I decided to make one of the guys at Sandy Neck.

Big thanks to my flisters for putting up with my freaking out over this, and supporting me through my many mental breakdowns. The people at Monster & Rockstar for fueling the aforementioned late night freakouts, and finally, I wanted to thank wendy, audrarose & thehighwaywoman for putting this all together.
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